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pixxieliz's Journal

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27 April
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al green, amethyst, anagrams, anahata chakra, aquamarine, aquarium rescue unit, balance, bamboo, barefootedness, bass, blind melon, blues, bob marley, brass bands, brocade, cacti, california, candlelight, chaos, chelsea's, chi, chillaxing, chocolate, citrine, clean air, cohen brothers movies, colonel bruce hampton, cookies, curry, dank, dave, daydreams, digable planets, djembes, drumnbass, drums, energy, enlightenment, erykah badu, festivus, french, french kisses, ghettoness, gingerbread, goodie mob, graffiti, grateful dead, gratitude, green, ground scores, happiness, hats, heady jams, health, hemp, higher planes of conciousness, hiking, hip hop, hippies, hope, hot springs, inner strength, jade, jasmine tea, jon fishman, joy, karma, laughing orgasms, lavender, led zeppelin, les claypool, libertarianism, life as art, lingus, lotus flowers, love, magic, martial arts, massive attack, mayan astrology, medical marijuana, micheal foster project, mike gordon, miracles, monaghan's, moonstone, morning 40 federation, mountains, nebulae, nirvana, nude beaches, numerology, outkast, page mcconnell, palindromes, parliament funkadelic, patchouli, peaches, phish, pilates, pineapples, pink floyd, pitbulls, pizza, psilocybin cubensis, rahzel, rainbows, realness, red stick ramblers, redwood trees, riddles, roses, secret black society, skinny dipping, slightly stoopid, smoothies, solutions, speakeasy, spraycans, stars, string cheese incident, sublime, summer tour, sunshine, swimming, synchronicity, syncopation, tang soo doo, tarot, tension and release, texture, theresa anderson, tickle spots, tom robbins, travelling, trey anistasio, trip hop, truth, turquoise, vegans, vegetables, violet, water skiing, ween, white chocolate, wu tang clan, yoga, zulu

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